10th of July 2018 11:29 AM Link
Thank you very much,Vivian Zanellatto for visiting Kurus English!
9th of July 2018 12:30 PM Link
Welcome! Rodrigo and Fafá will join us at Kurus English for two weeks.
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6th of July 2018 12:23 PM
Farewell Diego! #kurusenglish #studyenglishincapetown #winterincapetown #englishcourse #fridayvibes #farewell
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6th of July 2018 12:17 PM Link
Farewell, Diego! It was a pleasure to have you in our class at Kurus English.
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5th of July 2018 05:26 PM Link
Thank you Diego Amaral for the nice picture 🙂
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3rd of July 2018 04:03 PM Link
Check out our 10 Years Special for September and October. It's the perfect time for an English course and Whale-Watching in South Africa!!!
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2nd of July 2018 04:33 PM
Happy belated birthday, Liana!! #kurusfamily #happybirthday #caketime #studyenglishincapetown #learnenglish #breaktime #winterincapetown
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2nd of July 2018 03:06 PM Link
29th of June 2018 11:43 AM Link
It was Pearl's Birthday on Wednesday, so time to celebrate 🎉🎊
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27th of June 2018 12:02 PM Link
Reasons to visit Cape Town in winter:
- Prime time for a safari
- Great excuse to visit wine cellars
- Whale watching season
- Cape Town’s spectacular flower season from August to late September

and the perfect time to join an English course at Kurus English #hotspots2c #wineflies #gardenroute #capetowninwinter
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26th of June 2018 03:16 PM Link
Communication class is part of our General Intensive English course and so much fun 🙂
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25th of June 2018 04:13 PM Link
Happy Monday!
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22nd of June 2018 11:43 AM Link
Today we say goodbye to Lucas. He was 10 weeks with us and finished his course with an advanced certificate! Well done, Lucas!!!
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21st of June 2018 03:43 PM
Our guestbooks are full of awesome students and great memories but there are still lots of pages for more 😉 #kurusenglish #kurusfamily #studyenglishincapetown #learnenglish #secondlanguage #capetownsouthafrica #greatmemories
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1st of June 2018 04:29 PM Link
Another grand “till we meet again”! Dear Andrea, it has been a great pleasure having you with us for the past 6 months!
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1st of June 2018 10:17 AM Link
Despite a compromise regarding study permits for EFL students coming to South Africa, Department of Home Affairs inefficiencies still hinder growth and foreign investment. #EFLSA
31st of May 2018 01:44 PM Link
Any plans in September/ October? Come to Cape Town in Spring and celebrate our 10 year anniversary with us! Make use of the 10% discount on Language Courses! #10yearsKurusEnglish #springinCapeTown #celebrations #EFLSA
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30th of May 2018 01:59 PM Link
And here is an idea: 2 weeks in Cape Town with Kurus English, then 1 week Garden Route with Hotspots2c and then 2 weeks with BLI - Bay Language Institute - ask us, we can organise your unforgettable experience in South Africa. #EFLSA
29th of May 2018 09:48 AM Link
Flashback Tuesday: check out some pictures from past Language Excursions. Can you find yourself?

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28th of May 2018 08:52 AM Link
Pictures and Press Release of the inaugural ICEF Africa Workshop in Cape Town! #EFLSA #ICEF18
25th of May 2018 12:16 PM Link
Once again, time to say goodbye to lovely students!!
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24th of May 2018 10:17 AM Link
Pluviophile- a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.🤣😉😉😉